About Empanola

Inspired by New Orleans stimulating cuisine and our love for cooking, 
we dreamed of bringing our delicious South American empanadas to town.
Empanola was born in 2017, allowing us to see our project manifest. Bringing to our customers Latin inspired, Louisiana influenced and lots of vegetarian flavors.
Since then we have been a local favorite. We hope you enjoy them anytime and everywhere!


From the Press



"Although they're both Latino, their empanadas also capture a bit of New Orleans' French heritage."



"The empanadas, a nod to Urrutia’s upbringing in Argentina, are made with a French-style puff pastry and baked instead of fried. A long selection of fillings ranges from traditional ham and cheese to creative medleys inspired by local dishes"


Yelp.com- Candice S

"We had the crawfish, beef b. and gumbo. All there were good but the crawfish was amazing. They packed the empanada full of crawfish etouffee. The crust is flaky but firm enough to hold up to the filing. The service was great".